Sorry for the doom and gloom.  But man, there’s some shit going around!  The universe is definitely doing a little cosmic (and karmic) rearranging.

I’m blaming it on my own little universe being out of sorts…All will be will by the end of the week!  Trust-n-Believe, y’all. TNB




Walking Wounded

Today has been a tough one.  Somewhat self-imposed but mostly the goddamn Universe deciding to exact its due process upon two that I love dearly.

Within an hour of waking, I got the one-two sucker punch.  The rest of the morning, I went through the motions stupified.

If not for the very act of hosting a party to benefit something greater than myself, I’m sure I’d be reduced to tears and darkness.

But looking around the room at the faces and the people, I realized that I do indeed have an impact in this world and that I can, to an extent, control fate.

But, really, this morning’s reminder stings.  It hurts.   There’s a long road ahead and a long week dawning.  I’m here, and I’m going to do my best to affect it in the most positive way for two people that I love dearly.

As long as I’m still upright, I’ll not admit defeat and certainly won’t let them.

I love you, Ladies.