We’re Gonna Have A Good Time With This, Dear!

Lots has certainly happened since we last spoke…

I’m “in a relationship” with a pretty amazing man.   My branding/copywriting business is going really well.   The house is almost paid off.  I broke my collarbone and have sufficiently recovered…    I guess that’s about it.


C’mon, you know what I’m talking about.  The 260lb moron in the room.  Yeah, him.

Oh, I have the same recurring concentration camp dreams that you do.   I can actually visualize the polar ice caps melting and Richmond, Raleigh and Augusta becoming prime beachfront real estate.   I know how I’m gonna feel when they take away our meds and ban free speech.   I’ve been practicing my “Praise Jesus” yell and the missionary position.  Gurl, I got all that down.

What the Asshole in Chief doesn’t realize, and what I’m just beginning to see, is that the people, you know, you and me, are not having this shit.   I saw y’all marching in DC.  And Chicago.  And LA.  And New York.  And Anniston.  And Shithole, Nova Scotia.  And that was only Day One!

He can nominate as many idiots to systematically destroy our government from the inside out, and he can rattle his sabre till the cows (and the terrorists) come home.  But you know what?  We got this.  We will prevail.

The first stop/step will be in November of 2018.  Almost a year and a half away.  This will not end will for Mr. Turtle (you know, Mitch McConnell) and the guy I’d like to fuck, hard, no lube (yep, you guessed it, Paul Ryan).  Take loads much, motherfucker?

Can you tell I’m pissed?  Damn right I am.

This is my country as much as anyone else’s.  I’ll gladly share.  Just don’t take it away from the rest of us.  This won’t end well.

You’ve been warned.