Ch, Ch, Ch Changes

So, I quit my job of 19 years, leased the house and moved to Provincetown.

That sounds rediculously easy and in some senses it was.  But the decision to leave Atlanta, my chosen family there, two decades of history and community and close proximity to my aging parents was not at all taken lightly.  The idea of spending at least the summers, or even a single summer, here on the end of the Cape has been in my head since my first visit here in 2000.   Former readers and anyone who knows me will know that this place has struck a deep and instant sense of home with me.   Just when I think I have it figured out, the Vortex springs another surprise, some new hidden treasure or gem of a person and I’m flabbergasted.

So a slowly deteriorating job situation (mostly by my own doing, I’ve since realized), smart financial planning and the impetus of other friends making the move got me thinking.  And acting.  The last piece of the puzzle to fall into place was leasing my beloved house on 5th Street.  When the couple who are now tenants said they wanted to rent, I was almost physically ill.  I felt as if I was giving away a child.  But I did it – signed the lease on Sunday and resigned on Monday.

That 100-year old house in Midtown is a gift from God, I believe.  Something greater than myself to which I am beholden.  It has enabled so much in my life, including this move.   I don’t normally put much stock in such talk, but I think that house has a spirit, a soul, that has given so much to me:  laughter, shelter, nourishment, inspiration, friendship, challenge, prosperity and much, much more.

So here I am.  In Provincetown.  At the end of Cape Cod.  Looking out to sea, but really looking west.  Not sure about what’s coming tomorrow or even in 20 minutes.   The possibilities are endless for one of the precious few times in my life.   It  feels good.  It’s scary as hell.   I’m paralyzed and highly motivated.

Here we go.

2 Comments on “Ch, Ch, Ch Changes”

  1. Richard says:

    I had no idea. None. I suppose if I read the Facebooks more often, I’d’ve known these things, but I’m just catching up.

    Anyway: congratulations, sugar. I know that leaving, that stepping out of your comfort zone, has to be a scary thing, but if anyone can make it work, you can. I fully expect you to land on all four feet, neatasyouplease.

    I also fully expect to see you next month. Jonno and I will be in Ptown the last week in July. YAY!


  2. Weiss-Nix says:

    It must be wonderful to have an own hideaway and to arrive…I share your happiness. Congrats & all the best!

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