Spring Awakening

When I left Atlanta, Spring’s climax was gone and the mercury had begun to creep.   The mornings in Mercersburg and Cranbury were chilly but there were leaves on the trees and things were generally green.   What a difference as I travelled north into New Jersey and New York.  The day was gray and cold as the familiar skyline rose to greet me.   I took Susan’s advice, coupled with Joel’s and found my way to the Merritt Parkway.  I clipped along the tree-lined route at a nice 75 mph.  Traffic was light and I imagined I was on some sort of American Autobahn.   I made good time into Connecticut and Rhode Island.  Crossing into Massachusetts it began to rain and landscape went dead.  It rained most of the way out the Cape but I was happy to be ending the long 20 hours in the car.   The sun made an appropriate appearance as I descended the hill at Truro, Provincetown in sight.  Town was bleak and empty, still groggy under its winter pall.   It felt like sneaking in before the big show.

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