Making A List

I’ve been here a month.  And in that month, I’ve:

*  Settled comfortably and happily into 350 square feet of living space

*  Spent 20 hours in my car with a good deal of my belongings, including a blond boufant wig and a Gary Fisher mountain bike

*  “Customized” the bike for appropriate town riding (plastic rain bonnet and rubber ducky horn)

*  Eaten at the Lobster Pot no fewer than 6 times

*  Met close friends of ex-Presidents

*  Thought seriously about sleeping with two women…at once

*  Watched the fog roll in and roll out…almost daily

*  Seen some really good drag

*  Worn some really bad drag

*  Eaten less

*  Worked out less

*  Drank more

*  Been happy being quiet

*  Made new friends

*  Become close with acquaintances

*  Become closer with close friends

*  Put more miles on my bike than my car (like, far more)

*  Learned to properly mark a table for dinner service

*  Missed a wedding I truly wish I hadn’t

*  Learned of new weddings among friends

*  Become a wedding planner

*  Planted an appropriate potager

*  Become a Words With Friends fiend

*  Cried almost daily

*  Not looked back

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