blackThe news last week of another terrorist bombing, this time in Paris, the City of Light, was not particularly surprising.  Not at all really.  This, sadly, has become the world in which we live.

What has surprised me, though, are people’s reactions.  Via social media, the responses have been overwhelmingly short-sighted and ignorant, based in fear.  I hate to be the one to say it, but we’ve brought this on ourselves to a great extent.  And now we’ve got to deal with it.

For some reason, I’m neither optimistic nor discouraged.  It’s a fact, albeit a dark one, that we now face a radically changed world.  We’ll continue to give up our liberties and change how we perceive the other.   This is what is so sad to me.  A great measure of the joy of living has been usurped – hijacked – while we weren’t looking and while we pushed the limits of our largesse.

One reaps what one sows.  And sadly, that goes both ways.

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