Tree of Life


Pattie’s “The White Dress Series,” CSX line, Glenwood Ave, ATL

This and that, here and yon:

I love weekends like this past one.  A healthy mix of being healthy, being somewhat debaucherous, being serious, being quiet, being creative.

I truly love my Weekdays With Pattie, random mornings or afternoons spent poking around on bikes, looking at things from new perspectives, laughing and escaping reality.  But not escaping reality, if that makes sense.  Pattie’s an old, good friend with whom I worked when I first moved to Atlanta.  We’ve kept and renewed our friendship and the time we spend together is very valuable on so many levels.  Mostly, though, it’s just fun.

I put in a few good hours of work just after our adventure Friday so all was not lost.  It’s so interesting to me how the words for work come out and lay on the paper, waiting to be rearranged.   Now to find a way to capitalize on that.  Happy to be out in the day regardless.

I was up early Saturday and out on the road bike.  Brisk, overcast with occasional sun, a perfect late fall ride.  My averages were OK, typical of the off season and 10 extra pounds, I guess.

I got caught up with Erik later and we had a cocktail or 6 with Dale and the Dude.   Good friends, good times.

Sunday was, howyousay, a bit slow.  But gorgeous nonetheless.  I spent the day in the kitchen, slowly pulling together a meal for dinner with some of my closest friends.  Amy Winehouse played, the autumn sun streamed through the windows, the food came together perfectly and contentment reigned.

I can say that I’m never truly happier than gathered around the table with the ones I love.  Last night was no exception.  I need to remember that when the pressures of reality come calling.


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