Warm Leatherette

Join the car crash set….

Anyway, sorry for being radio silent.    December was a mixed bag-o-tricks.  Good riddance to an average average average month.

Hightlights:  I got 5 more chapters written and the rest of the book outlined.   That’s all I’m gonna say about that.  My visit home was initially stressful.  And it was all my stress.  When will I learn?  I got it out of the way on Christmas Eve with a stern talk with my mother.  She, however, was a good 30 years ahead of me.  Hello?!   I mean, really.  Look around Brown.   They’re not here forever.  And Dad, always so perceptive.  He reads me like a book.   Christmas Day was lovely…until we had to seek shelter in the workshop closet.   There was a confirmed tornado inbound.  It was prudent.   All ended well and dinner was only a half hour late.  I’m especially thankful for the blessings that my sister is finally enjoying.  She deserves to be happy.  Yay Liz!

Turns out my trip to Florida was just what the doctor ordered.  Great friends.  Easy hospitality.  Good sex.  Lots of debaucherous fun.  Great weather.  What’s not to like?

And so is the tone for this New Year.  So far, so great.   I’m happy.  Much of it has to do with my attitude and what I’m putting forth.   I’m 50.  I should remember these things.

Love to all.

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