Burn, Baby, Burn

Some smidgen of me wants to feel sorry for the GOP. But I cannot. Not after 8 years of thinly (and that’s generous) veiled racism against the twice-elected President. Not after attempting at every turn to block equal rights for all citizens. Not after their xenophobic worldview (look it up, betches). Not after gerrymandering in all 50 states. Not after denying women’s rights over their bodies. And especially not after flagrantly abusing the constitution for their own goals. This is what you get. This is exactly what you deserve.
Keep digging y’all, I’ll bring the shovels.
What I do feel sorry for is this once great democracy. Let’s make America great again, indeed.
Without the GOP.

One Comment on “Burn, Baby, Burn”

  1. Evan S. says:

    YAZZZZ!!!! Amen!

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