It’s all that and a lot more.

I’m not quite sure how I got to this point.  It seems like I’ve known him forever, that we’ve been together since day one.   And in a way, we have.   Since the first day he came into my life.   Half a century after I came into this life.   Odd, that is.

But not.

In some ways, it’s much easier.  I know this side of the court and that other side is not so unfamiliar.   I’m sure the vantage is similar from over there.

Things only need to be said once, should they require saying.   My sense of self is still intact, even stronger I think.   I understand the value of time, of patience, of waiting, of process.

He holds my hand and snores in my ear and speaks that syrupy drawl and laughs his staccato laugh and all is right with the world.   Favors are returned, courtesies given.  There’s room, space, tenderness, laughter.

And there it is.


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