Fly Away, John

Such a strange, laborious, confusing Spring has given way to a hot, weary, festering Summer.

When we passed the halfway point of this treacherous year, somewhere in my depleted reserve of hope I thought, good, the hard part is over.

I guess it is. I don’t know. But Friday, my Congressman died. He died of pancreatic cancer, the same disease that took my best friend just 3 months ago.

Sometimes I wonder if I have the strength to go on. Jobs, friends, opportunities, leaders, hope and pretty much everything that’s mattered disappears. Rational thought, self preservation. Humanity. Gone. Vanished.

Yet, we still live. We still wake up in the morning. The birds sing and the grass grows and things become more simple and clear. I still get angry and I still create. I love more strongly than ever, despite this distance. Summer boils on.

Strangely, I’m OK with it all.

I looked around tonight. The sadness was palpable. The anger only slightly less so.

Peace, John Lewis. You were an icon. You never stood on your bruises or your concussions or your scars.

You stood on principle and hope and promise. And love.

But always Hope.

Thank you, Sir.

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