A New Start

I’m about at the end of my several years’ rage over what the GOP has done to this country.

So let me make this brief.

On the day the worst economic data in THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY is released, this jackass, charlatan, idiot of a President, he who has successfully hijacked a once proud and effective political party, he who ignored science and God-given intellect, suggests that we should suspend the upcoming election for the first time in the long history of our great nation, because it’s “not safe” to go to the polls.

Normally, I’d be incensed. I’d be moved to violence and protest and depression. But no. Not today. Not for the likes of Donald Trump.

However, today, a mile from my house, I saw the very best side of America, that side that comes together in tough times, that unites to mourn a fallen hero. Today, the good part of this country buried my Congressman. The good part of this country put down their differences, donned masks to protect each other. The good side forgave a brother gone astray and honored him with a voice. The good side stood up in front of his adversaries and paid his respects. The good side selflessly honored each other, our culture as Americans and a truly remarkable man.

I choose the high road. I choose hope and unity over divisiveness and willful ignorance.

In the words of so many, We Shall Overcome.

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