I See Light in Life. All the Colors of the World.

One my very favorite things to do after hanging out, drinking, gossiping and observing the sunset at Tea Dance, is to hop on my bike and escape the crowd.   I head west to the Circular, where the Breakwater meets the mainland and the final mile or so of the Cape’s hook wraps around like a curlie-cue tail.  This is supposedly where the Pilgrims first set foot in their Promisedland and I think it is one of the most lovely places on the Cape.  One can see the “backside” of the sunset:  the eastward light reflecting on the water and the western side of clouds and boats in the  harbor.   Then, a quick glance over the shoulder yeilds the real sunset, to the west, over real land.  It all takes place within 2-300 yards, this spectacular interchange of light, water, magic and peace.

Last night certainly reinforced my love of this spot.

One Comment on “I See Light in Life. All the Colors of the World.”

  1. mary ann says:

    i like this. and the use of the word “Circular”!

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