Summer Lovin’, Had Me A Blast…

One not insignificant thing about Provincetown is that, for whomever is here, Love is not at all difficult to find.   Depending on how you define “Love,” it’s available everywhere:  from the casual greeting of acquaintances on the street to the warm hug of a close friend to the not-so-infrequent roll in the hay with some stranger from Darien, Connecticut.  People here are happy.   They eat well.  They drink.  And then….they do what’s naturally next.   They Love.

And they Love a lot.

One shade of Love that I had been mildly aware of before this summer, was the casual, yet borderline serious, crush.   For me, it could take the form of the overweight lady that owns Angel Foods…..or the Pedi-Cab driver whose brick-like calves are granite hard….or even the youthful geriatric owner of the Lobster Pot, who unbeknownst to most of us, not only runs P-Town’s most successful restaurant, but also has a “family” of 20 or 30 Jamaican immigrants that she takes care of and looks over and provides employment for.   None of these crushes will be requited;  they are what they are and  I enjoy them for their “never-t0-manifest” qualities.

And so it  is once again, that I have a Summer Crush.  Devon.  The namesake owner of my place of employ.

This man is totally not my type.  He’s an attractive, small-framed Jewish/Chinese man with dark hair and slight build.  He’s almost overly effeminate.  He has amazing tattoos.  On the floor, he’s somewhat manic and  hyper-aware of what’s happening in his restaurant.   He’s relentless.  He never ceases to notice mistakes and constantly revises what were Standard Operating Procedures.   He does not settle for less.  He’s 4000 miles-a-minute.  I would never had been attracted to him in the past.  There’s too much to be off-putting.

But I have a huge, huge  summer crush on this man.

And so it is with so many people in this town.  They’re open to whatever.   They live in the moment on so many fronts.  I’ve heard from more than one person about their pan-sexual adventures.   Or pan-physical.  Or pan-mental.   White bread American would never think of finding an amputee  attractive.  But here someone does.  Here Trannies hook up with straight boys on a regular basis.  I came *this* close to a 3-way with two lesbians.

Not that this behavior does not happen off-Cape; it most certainly does.  But here, people are honest about their attractions and their proclivities.  They are not ashamed and will share with you their latest conquest.  It’s above-board and… a way, unbelievably healthy.

Surprisingly to me, I’m OK with this summer Love.   It’s refreshing.  It’s nice.  And above all else, it’s honest.




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