Sorry it’s been so long.   The iMac’s keyboard got an unexpected dousing during Sunday’s surprise blow.   All’s well that 86 dollars and FedEx cures.     Actually, could Apple design a more beautiful keyboard?  I think not.

So, the last week or so has been super, super busy.  But, in the best possible way:

*  My folks departed 10 days ago, on a Tuesday morning.   It was bittrersweet as we had such a nice, connected visit.  It was not without its arguments (we ARE  Browns, afterall), but I truly loved seeing them.  We ate well, went on a full-breeching-tail-slapping-everyone’s-doing-it-31-whale watching tour, watched an amazing sunset or two, drank a little too much and generally enjoyed exploring my new town.

*  EriK was here for two full weeks.   And I gotta tell ya, there’s never been an easier guest.  I barely knew he was here….:-)  I cried harder when he said farewell.

* And then this week…..began with with amazing, head-clearing, self-affirming sex.   Melded into furious, insecure cooking and wedding arranging.  Then finished with a JohnBrown prepared meal for 10 of the most lovely, geniune and pleasant people I’ve ever had the priviledge of serving.   I cried today when I was paid.   A signal event, for sure.

* And then tonight…..extremely casual….tea dance with Joel….a Gift of a sunset….unexpected friends on a harborside bar….an amazing bbq sandwich from the The Red Shack….and red wine.

* Life is good.   The unexplored and unexpected is certain worth more than the “uns.”  Go for it y’all.   It’s amazing what one can learn.

One Comment on “Housework”

  1. mary ann says:

    These make me happy to read!

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