God Shines His Light

I think for anyone that writes, sunsets and their description can border on cliche’.   I’ve tried very hard to avoid describing the Cape Cod sunset ad nauseum.   In all honesty, pretty much every night here features an amazing light show as the sun sinks behind the town and lights up the water, boats and the Cape to the South and West.

But last night’s was extraordinary.  It had been mostly cloudy all day, spitting rain now and then even.  But around 7:30, as the sun reached its lowest angle, the light shined beneath the cloud layer like a flashlight under a blanket.  The rays were direct and intense and bright.   A collective hush fell over the Town as everyone immediately took note of the spectacle before them.  People climbed to rooftops and decks, they gathered on the shore and the pier, cameras in hand.    And then, the most amazing thing happened, a rainbow formed over the harbor, stretching from Truro across to the West End.   The gasp of wonder was audible.

I am so thankful for moments like these.   They make me pause and consider the beauty of this life, this world.   I feel insignificant.   I give thanks.

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