Into the Mystic

So writing yesterday’s post did me a world of good, both in terms of wanting to write again and improving my mood in general.   Thanks words.

I’m finding, much to my surprise, that I really like fall on the Cape.  I like the warmth of mid-day.  I like the unpredictable weather.  I like wearing a sweatshirt and shorts.  I like being able to ride my bike down Commercial Street without having to stop every 30 feet or so for some idiot tourist who steps off the curb without looking first.   I like the quiet.

5 o’clock seems to be the prime time to take a bike ride.  Not only is the light incredible, but people turn out to enjoy the end of the day.   A trip to the grocery is fall’s answer to Tea Dance — much socializing and people watching and saying “hi” to fellow Townies you’ve not seen in weeks.  Of course, I always end up at the Breakwater, my favorite place in town.   Tonight’s sky was a busy conflaguration of fast, low-flying clouds, high thunderheads and sharp, clear, whitish yellow light.    Lovely.

One Comment on “Into the Mystic”

  1. Joel says:

    John, I just found these photgraphs. They are spectacular. Joel

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