Sandy Baby

Poor Mooring Line Skills….viewed from The Lobster Pot

For several days last week, the media gave its full, glaring attention a storm brewing in the Caribbean, what would become Hurricane Sandy, a monster storm that just very well may be the most damaging storm ever to hit the U.S.  When it became apparent that this storm would merge with a sweeping low pressure system pushing its way across the Country, people began to take notice.   Long story short, the storm lived up to its hype and moved ashore early this week just south of New York City.  The initial damage estimates are well into the billions.

It’s interesting to me how seemingly surprised we are at events like this.   Surprised when we build our largest cities on the coast.  Surprised when we don’t heed the warnings of scientists and government officials who say that a warming Earth will only fuel more of these killer storms.   Surprised when we can’t use our electrically powered devices.   Surprised when things actually break down and we have to adapt.

When these things happen I wonder if our forefathers are somewhere looking down on us, shaking their heads and scoffing at what pathetic human beings we’ve become, reliant on everything but ourselves.   And unable to face up to humanity’s biggest challenges.  In some senses we’ve become petty and so small.   Al Gore warned us a decade ago about the dangers of global warming and still we ignore it.   Maybe Sandy will begin a wake-up.  I sure hope so.

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