Move Out

So today I move out of the tiny studio I’ve affectionately called The Sail Locker for the past two summers.   The stated plan is to stay in PTown until just prior to Christmas, wrap up a business plan then head South for a few weeks.  Lack of funds and lack of activity may speed that process up.  We shall see.

I am, however, excited about my temporary new digs.   I’m sharing a sweet little cottage in the center of town with my friend Julia.  She’s Chef II for those of you keeping track.  As most things go here, we kinda lucked into this place;  it belongs to her landlord and he needs to do work to her place so we’re all shifting abodes.   It will be nice have people around as opposed to living down here on the Far East End (which is quite deserted this time of year).

The Sail Locker has a been a special place for me.   It’s helped me on to Round 2 of my life.  It’s provided shelter and sustenance.   There’s been great sex within these walls.  I’ve made food for others and myself in its teeny, tiny “Barbie Junior Size” kitchenette.  It’s hosted friends and family.  I’ve cried, laughed, cursed, worried and slept here.   I’ve made friends with my immediate neighbors and met some amazing people on the block.  I love my landlord.  It’s been home.   And I shall miss it.

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