The Waiting is the Hardest Part

….cliche’ I know, but it fits.

Anyway, it’s been a month since Devon’s closed and I’ve not been working.   I’m doing OK with the glacial pace with which my life is progressing.   There are many good things (concentration, reading, cooking, exercise, reading, naps, thinking) going on every day and many not so good things as well (concentration, worrying, boredom, thinking).   All in all, I’m managing.   I had two really good conversations lately – one with Matt and one with my Dad – that have helped me enjoy and benefit from the down time.   I’m thankful for the perspective.

Here’s a picture of my digs.   It certainly helps to have a cozy place, a great roommate and a friendly cat (!!) around:

I’m anxious to get down South and I’m ready to pounce on the restaurant should an opportunity present itself.  It’s time to create success on my terms, not anyone else’s.

Let’s rock, y’all!

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