Rain Against My Window

It’s been a while.   Let’s catch us all up on what’s going on……<cue crickets>

Yeah, not much.

But here goes….Chef and I took a little trip Off Cape which was good.   We went to a big box center in Wareham, Mass.   It was like emerging into another world in a lot of ways.  Huge, expansive parking lot.   Several clusters of 1st and 2nd generation Big Box Retailers.  A few shuttered, vast, empty businesses.   And miles and miles of things to purchase and consume.   Depressing.  It certainly was fodder for my budding anti-consumerist thoughts (which, coincidentally, go hand-in-hand with my growing poverty).   I picked up a few things at Target and some discount booze, but otherwise I was non-plused.   Back On Cape, we stopped in Hyannis at Trader Joe’s, another place I’ve never really understood.  Chef stocked up.   Me, not so much.   A nasty lunch at Sam Diego’s (“Beunos Nacho’s, Y’all!”) provided comic relief.  The conversation and  music were good and the diversion was welcomed.   But, I was glad to get back to Ptown.

Two clients of mine from last summer got married the following Saturday.   The wedding combined with a couple of dinner parties made for a socially busy weekend.   The wedding was at the Red Inn, always a lovely spot.   I only wish the food were better and they’d have a total hit on their hands.   But I think the location is tops on the Cape, bar none.   The grooms were so kind and hospitable and I was thrilled to be included (they had proposed at the 40th birthday party I catered).   Super fun times were had later at the A-House.

Thanksgiving Week brought me to 3 Dyer to house and pet sit.   It’s been nice to be in this lovely place for 10 days.   The dogs are pretty good and the cat basically takes care of himself.   Chef cooked Turkey on Thursday and 4 of us had a mellow evening.   The bird was beautiful, the parsnip/apple soup devine.   Friends from Boston came out Saturday and stayed at 3 Dyer.   These two women are just amazing….talented, smart, funny, Southern.  What’s not to like?   We cooked and talked and drank and sang and listened to music.  It was lovely as are they.    An ad hoc brunch followed Sunday with more women and me….

So there’s the low down on what I’ve been doing.  But it’s quiet here.  I have far too much time on my hands to think about my situation over and over.  The more I think about what’s to be done and what I want to do, the uglier the picture I paint for myself.   I was up at 4 today, tossing, turning, worrying.  This protracted period of “down time” has got to come to an end.   I’m no fan of inertia, that’s for sure.

I’m going to look at the opportunities in my hand and in my head and be positive.   I’m going to make the most of my trip to Atlanta.  I’m not going to worry about next Season or if there will be a next Season.  I’m going home with open eyes and will be present for whatever.   I’m going to continue to attempt to create my own destiny, whether it be here or there.   I’m going to temper patience with anxiety and hope for a healthy mix.  I’m kicking this passivity to the curb.   This is my time.   I know not where this will take me, but let’s go!

One Comment on “Rain Against My Window”

  1. Joel says:

    are you ever going to update this? I have very little to do otherwise.

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