Cry Freedom

rudyConsider Rudy Giuliani…the once brilliant US Attorney for New York, buster of mobsters and crooked financiers….who was elected mayor, “cleaned up” Manhattan, then seized an opportunity to become America’s Mayor in the toxic, swirling, living dust of 9-11…now reduced to defending the orange-haired buttboy of Putin, Russian Mafioso Scum and sycophantic YesMen…so far in over his head as to be saying such shit as “truth is not truth.”

What the Fuck Rudy?

What are you thinking?


How much are you making??

We’re not idiots….and Hell burns hotter each day.

Rudolph, as we say Down South….bless your goddam motherfucking son-of-a-Yankee-bitch heart.

One Comment on “Cry Freedom”

  1. Rick Perera says:

    Good to see you back in the blogosphere, John. Nothing like getting riled up by idiots to light the spark in your typing fingers!

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