Run Run Runnin’ Around

Last I wrote, I was saying goodbye to the automobile I had owned for almost 18 years.  A trusty steed, that one.  My plan was to wait until the first of this year, then buy a “beater” car, one for under 10 Grand or so, that I could pay cash for and just run into the ground.  I was talked out of it by Mr. Man.  His rationale was “just wait, see if you can go without one.  You can use my car whenever you need one.”

And so I’ve waited.   And to be honest, it’s been a fantastic decision.

In many ways, my particular living and working circumstances align perfectly to make being carless in Atlanta so headache free.  I work from home.  My main client is a half-mile away.  My house is literally in Atlanta’s most walkable neighborhood.   I’m a 12-minute walk from one transit station, 15 from another.  I can ride my bike to the grocery via off street trails and paths.   The dry cleaners is walkable.  Haircut off the bike trail.  Liquor store, too.  When I do need 4 wheels, Mr. Man’s offer still stands and he gladly offers up his car.

In short, it’s been really, really nice not having to worry about traffic or pay full insurance or burn gas or suffer from road rage.  Sure, I have to plan my errands a little farther in advance, but I love to plan so no big whup.   And, I’ve lost 15lbs since the beginning of the year.  My world is a better place.

One Comment on “Run Run Runnin’ Around”

  1. Evan says:

    LOVE!!!! Wish I could do this sometimes.

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